The system sketched here represents a generic tool I created to ease the conversion of text encodings and formats. Nowadays, still many useful resources are text-based and legacy-encoded, and this system was created right for the purpose of converting them into modern encodings and formats. Also, the same system can be leveraged to provide a bridge between some more user friendly editing experiences and modern text encoding formats, like e.g. the ubiquitous TEI.

Text converter demoThe system presented here can be tested in some real-world case uses in a small demo.


The text conversion demo shows some of the applications of my generic text encoding and format conversion system, which is also at the core of the Visimark editing system. In fact, the latter is essentially a real-time, bidirectional, and modular converter between any XML dialect and a user-defined rich text.

The conversion system has two essential purposes:

  1. convert the encoding of the text characters;
  2. convert a text format into another.