As a quick lookup of some of my demo apps, here you can find a directory of the most relevant resources quoted in this site. For my freeware software, see this page instead.

Please note that for practical purposes the demos are hosted on low-profile servers, which might take a few seconds to wake up.

app technology description
abacus custom element* (Angular) a simple generator for an epigraphical abacus from Greek Egypt. This demonstrates the usage of a custom HTML 6 element. This page embeds a lighter version of the same app, based on Polymer.
chiron SPA (Angular) + web API (.NET Core) a very limited sample of the Chiron metrical analysis system. The full system is not yet exposed as it will require a much richer UI.
daskalos SPA (Angular) + web API (.NET Core) a runner of students-made quizzes, driven by simple XML documents.
mensor PWA (Angular) ancient measurement units converter (Greek, Roman, Egyptian). This demonstrates a simple PWA app.
proteus SPA (Angular) + web API (.NET Core) a tiny demo of my text conversion system (font-based encodings, SAMPA, Beta code, Greek transliteration).
sigla PWA (Angular) Roman and Greek epigraphical abbreviations. This demonstrates a simple PWA app.
visimark SPA (Angular) + web API (.NET Core) a tiny demo of my Visimark editing system for visually editing XML documents, using different types of XML dialects (TEI and non-TEI).

(*) Please note that Angular custom elements being a recent addition, the feature is not yet complete, so that you will still find a (relatively) bigger size for that element.